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Board of Directors

Executive Email address:  
President Bronwen Tregunno 905-637-7136
Vice President Chris Motherwell cmtrain@cmotherwell.com 416-830-2119
Secretary Joyce Litster 905-627-1203
Treasurer Jim Stollard 905-634-3538
Past President Maggie Sims maggie.sims@cogeco.ca 416-830-2119
Board of Directors    
Bird Study Group Bruce Mackenzie 905-973-4869
Conservation Education Paul Smith 905-659-1482
Field Events Rob Porter 905-920-3148
Membership Director Jill Baldwin 905-679-6447
Program Director Lou Mitton N/A
Sanctuary/Land Trust Brian Wylie 905-627-4601
Volunteer Director Cleo Coppolino
Director-at-Large Jackson Hudecki jacksonhudecki@gmail.com 905-516-4253
Publicity Director Vacant – Apply N/A
Land Trust Manager Jennifer Baker 905-524-3339
Junior Naturalists’ Club Brian Wylie 905-627-4601
Mailing Coordinator Jean Stollard 905-634-3538
Social Coordinator Catherine Flatt 905-628-2030
Website Coordinator Vacant – Apply N/A
Wood Duck Editor Bill Lamond 519-756-9546
Birding Hotline Cheryl Edgecombe 905-637-5923
Falconwatch Lead Monitor Vacant – Apply N/A N/A
Lands Inlet Program Coordinator (Vol.) Jen Baker 905-524-3339

Please note: the information listed above is valid for the year October 2017 through October 2018.