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How do I renew by mail?
To renew by mail, please mail the renewal form and a cheque made out to ?Hamilton Naturalists? Club? to Membership Director, Hamilton Naturalists? Club, PO Box 89052, Hamilton, ON, L8S 4R5. Do not mail cash.
How do I renew in-person?
Renewal in-person can be completed at the September Monthly Meeting on Monday, September 9. A renewal form is not needed for in-person renewals, unless there have been changes to your contact information since last year.

Where can I get copy of the renewal form?
If you receive a hard copy of The Wood Duck, your renewal form will be enclosed as an insert in the September issue, which has been mailed.
If you do not receive a hard copy of The Wood Duck, please download and print the renewal form.
I’m not sure if I need to renew.
Please email Jill Baldwin, Membership Director, at jill.membership.hnc@gmail.com to determine the status of your membership.
I’m a life member. When will I receive my questionnaire?
Life members who receive hard copies of The Wood Duck will find their annual questionnaire enclosed as well. (Many thanks to the Mailing Committee for their hard work!)
I have questions about renewing my membership. Who should I contact?
Please email Jill Baldwin, Membership Director, at jill.membership.hnc@gmail.comwith any questions about your membership.

Application and Renewal

Payment by Cheque/Mail

Download Membership Application and Renewal Form (pdf) and mail to:

Membership Director
Hamilton Naturalists’ Club
PO Box 89052
Hamilton, ON L8S 4R5

Cheques should be made payable to “Hamilton Naturalists’ Club”.

NOTE: The membership runs from September 1st to August 31st each year.

Payment by Interac e-Transfer

If you use online banking to pay bills and you wish to pay your membership and/or a donation by Interac e-Transfer, simply send an e-Transfer to the Treasurer, Jim Stollard, at treasurer@hamiltonnature.org. Be sure to state the type of membership you want and your address in the e-Transfer message box, so that your payment will be properly recorded by the Membership Director. You will receive a tax receipt for the membership amount and any donations given when the Club mails out charitable tax receipts in February 2020.

As a partial replacement for the loss of our ability to take PayPal payments, the Club bank account has been set up to receive Interac e-Transfer deposits making use of the Autodeposit feature. By using Autodeposit, it is not necessary for a member to send a security question and answer to the Treasurer to enable him to receive the deposit. The transferred funds are automatically deposited in the Club bank account.


No matter how you choose to support the HNC you always have the option of designating how your funds are used by directing your donation to one of our seven permanent funds. The Endowment Funds are managed on our behalf by the Hamilton Community Foundation.

  • Wildlands Acquisition Fund
    Used to support the costs of acquiring and permanently protecting lands for conservation.
  • Sanctuary/Land Trust Fund
    Supports sanctuary management and the Head-of-the-Lake Land Trust Program.
  • Conservation Fund
    Used for the immediate support of conservation and public education projects.
  • FalconWatch Fund
    Used to support the costs of running our annual FalconWatch program to protect Peregrine Falcon chicks at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel nest site.
  • General Fund
    Covers the HNC’s operating expenses, including meetings and publication of our journal The Wood Duck.
  • Habitat Preservation Endowment Fund
    The annual income supports the protection and management of our Nature Sanctuaries and efforts to permanently protect additional lands.
  • Conservation/Education Endowment Fund
    The annual income supports conservation and educational activities that further environmental protection.
  • Ecological Research Endowment Fund
    The annual income is used to support ecological research.
  • Trees Please! Education Program
    The annual income supports student tree planting initiatives and nature programming at our local underprivileged schools.

Learn more about Donation Options.

Income Tax Receipt Provided for Donations of $10.00 or more.