Lynx and Landscapes: How Prey and Habitat Influence the Behaviour of Canada Lynx in the Yukon

Rachael Derbyshire will share her stories from the field and preliminary results of her work as she studies the Canada lynx, a keystone species with population cycles that closely follow those of snowshoe hare, including how lynx behaviour changes how they cope with periods of low hare availability and other environmental factors. Building upon previous […]

Doing the Dempster: Driving the Dempster from Dawson to the Arctic Ocean

May 13, 2019: In July 2018, Jessica and Richard drove the Dempster Highway to Inuvik and the new highway from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk. The Dempster is a highway in name alone. Both the Dempster and the new highway to Tuk are prone to washouts, landslides, mud that makes the road turn to grease and dry spells that turn the road surface into a dust bowl and a hardpan. It is such a challenge to drive that it is recommended that a heavy duty vehicle equipped with one or more spare tires, a jerrycan of extra fuel and damage insurance, be used.

Reptile Rendezvous

April 8, 2019: Despite having the greatest diversity of reptiles in Canada, it can be a challenge finding them in Ontario. Our elusive and sometimes stigmatized snakes and turtles face many challenges themselves. What?s being done to help them? Alison will share her knowledge and experiences from the field with a little help from her reptile education ambassador, Noodle.

Future Wetland Development in Stoney Creek

February 11, 2019: In this presentation, Scott Peck, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer/Director, Watershed Planning & Engineering with the Hamilton Conservation Authority talks about the acquisition of lands, environmental assessment process, and restoration work for the creation of natural wetland detention facilities and wetland enhancement to address downstream urban flooding and erosion issues within Battlefield and Stoney Creek.

Intertwined Generations: Me, Youth and You

January 14, 2019: As the Hamilton Naturalists? Club arrives at its 100th year of environmental stewardship, education and preservation, there is lots to celebrate! But there is also a lot at stake, and we need everyone involved, from every age group and background.

Enter the Junior Naturalists? Club and the Young Environmental Science (or YES) Alliance, two environmentally-driven, hands-on, mentor-based youth clubs geared to the continued connection to Mother Earth and guiding students striving for a post-secondary career in the environmental sciences.