Future Wetland Development in Stoney Creek

In this presentation, Scott Peck, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer/Director, Watershed Planning & Engineering with the Hamilton Conservation Authority talks about the acquisition of lands, environmental assessment process, and restoration work for the creation of natural wetland detention facilities and wetland enhancement to address downstream urban flooding and erosion issues within Battlefield and Stoney Creek.

The Roots that Grow Deep: Trees, Heritage & Conservation – Talk by Dr. David A. Galbraith, RBG

While we often think of cultural heritage and natural heritage as separate topics, they share something very important. They are all about the stories we can tell based on the environment around us.

Trees can be considered as essential components of both the natural and cultural heritage of an area. We’ll see what stories we can tell about trees in our area, combining the fields of natural and cultural heritage to seek a deeper understanding of the importance of nature in urban areas.