S1E20: Gunk, Gunk!

The Green Frog is a fairly common amphibian found in eastern North America in shallow, permanent water features. It’s well known for its “gunk, gunk!” call. In this soundscape you’ll hear it along with many other wetland and forest edge singers: Swamp Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, Common Yellowthroat, Warbling Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, Chipping Sparrow, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, […]

Survey 3: Report

Survey 3 of the Dundas IBA (ON005): Report The third Dundas IBA Bird Survey was conducted on May 11, 2019. The weather was very cooperative, and while the temperature only reached a high of 12?C, the winds were calm and sun was shining in the morning, followed by an overcast afternoon and evening. This survey, […]

Survey 2: Report

Survey 2 of the Dundas IBA (ON005): Report The second Dundas IBA Bird Survey was conducted on November 24, 2018. In stark contrast to Survey 1’s sunny and hot June weather, the day was quite cold and overcast with light rain throughout the day, reaching a high of 6?C. The survey, which can also be […]

Survey 1: Report

Survey 1 of the Dundas IBA (ON005): Report The first-ever Dundas IBA Survey was conducted on June 16, 2018. The day was quite warm, with a bit of light rain interspersed throughout the morning. The high reached 28? C, making for very hot afternoon conditions for a bird survey. Many counters were undoubtedly more used […]

Fun Filled Weekend for Young Nature Lovers!

You Could Be Sponsored for the Ontario Nature Youth Summit! Ontario Nature?s Youth Summit for Biodiversity has been bringing together about 100 teens for this unique youth-led summit that allows participants to develop an understanding of environmental issues and gain the inspiration and tools to take action and leadership in their communities and beyond.  The […]

The Birds of McMaster Forest – Talk by Rob Porter, HNC

Until 2014, an obscure corner of Dundas Valley called McMaster Forest was relatively unknown to the Hamilton birding community. Since then, Rob Porter and a few club volunteers have been surveying this publicly accessible university biology research site and observed and recorded over 150 species, including over 70 of which that are either potentially or confirmed breeding at the site. Rob will be presenting this data through charts, photos, stories about noteworthy observations, and about how one can easily manage their own bird study area project using tools like eBird and NestWatch. If you?ve ever wondered what might be hiding in under-explored corners of the Hamilton Study Area, you?ll be certain to enjoy this.

Birding Locations in the HSA

For previous articles about Birding Locations in the HSA, please see the Birding the HSA Articles page. If you have a suggestion for an addition, or edit to any of the following, please email Rob Porter at rob@inpictures.ca. This is a work in progress! Ideally, someday, this information will all reside in a database which […]