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Bat Monitoring Project

Join us for a rewarding opportunity to monitor the bats in your own backyard!

Northern Bat. Credit: Toby Thorne

We are looking for participants to volunteer to help us with a new bat monitoring project for four to five days this summer. Participants will be loaned acoustic monitoring equipment with an SD card to set up on their own property. Training will be provided.


  • Set up equipment.
  • Leave equipment in place from Day 1 to Day 4.
  • On Day 5, take the equipment down. Remove the SD card and send it in a prepaid envelope to the Toronto Zoo. Pass the equipment to the next participant.

The project will run from May to September 2022.

Preliminary reports will be sent out to volunteers showing what species of bats were found on their property.

If you are interested, please email Lou Mitton at programs@hamiltonnature.org. More details and sign-up opportunities will be provided to participants.