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Bioblitzes at HNC Nature Sanctuaries


  • Citizen scientists conduct Bioblitzes at 5 HNC nature sanctuaries (Spooky Hollow, Short Hills, Sheelah Dunn Dooley, Cartwright, Anita Dutka-Buchin)
  • Looking for a variety of species (birds, plants, mammals, reptiles/amphibians, butterflies/moths)


  • Update inventory information and compare to older inventories
  • Create inventory for newer nature sanctuaries
  • Increase knowledge of nature sanctuaries
  • Encourage HNC members and volunteers to visit the nature sanctuaries
  • Engage new volunteers


  • HNC members and volunteers
  • Knowledgeable naturalists, ecologists, botanists, etc
  • People who want to get out in nature and learn about HNC’s nature sanctuaries


  • Hold virtual session for people who want to learn about the nature sanctuaries and what’s involved in a Bioblitz. Introduce the iNaturalist and eBird apps.
  • Host group Bioblitzes in spring and fall (following public health guidelines)


  • If people are comfortable they can go whenever they’d like, contact Jen at land@hamiltonnature.org for details about the nature sanctuaries
  • Initial virtual information session – TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 7-8pm
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  • Group Bioblitzes April to June  
    • Sheelah Dunn Dooley, May 7 (Mothers Day weekend)
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    • Anita Dutka-Buchin, May 25 (Wednesday evening)
    • Spooky Hollow, May 28 (Saturday)
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    • Cartwright, June 8 (Wednesday evening)
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    • Short Hills, June 18 (Saturday)
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    • Sheelah Dunn Dooley, June 13 (Monday morning)
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