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The Robert Curry Trophy

The Robert Curry Trophy for the Most Bird Species was inaugurated in 2014 to replace the Ross Thompson Trophy (1939-2013). The criteria for this trophy are the same as for the Ross Thompson Trophy. Robert Curry is a long time naturalist, HNC member and author of Birds of Hamilton (2006).

Click here to download the entry form/checklist for the Robert Curry trophy.

Criteria is as follows:

  • The observer must NOT have reached his/her 18th birthday during the year.
  • The observer’s name, address, phone number and date of birth must be submitted with the application.
  • The submitted bird list must include the date of each first sighting and location for each species.
  • All birds must have been seen within one calendar year (i.e. January 1st through December 31st, inclusive).
  • All birds must have been seen in the Hamilton Study Area (within 40 km of Dundurn Castle, Hamilton – see
  • Submitted lists will be reviewed by a Robert Curry committee before the trophy is awarded each year
  • Young birders may wish to check HNC publications such as the Checklist of the Birds of Hamilton-Wentworth, the Date Guide to Birds of Hamilton-Wentworth,
    and Birds of Hamilton and surrounding areas.
  • The submitted lists will not be returned; observers should ensure they have a duplicate set of records.
  • The trophy may not be awarded more than twice to the same observer.
The Robert Curry Trophy
Year Recipient # of Species
2019 Liam Thorne 195
2018 William Olenek 125
2015 Ben Oldfield 209
2014 Ben Oldfield 185