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Photos of Local Birds

Photos by Barry Cherriere

This Purple Sandpiper was photographed at VanWagners Beach on November 12, 2006:

Purple Sandpiper

This Long-billed Dowitcher was found at the end of The Willows in the Dundas Marsh on September 27, 2006:

Long-billed Dowitcher

With the help of Brandon Holden, Barry photographed this Lawrence’s Warbler in the Dundas Merrick Field Centre orchard on May 30, 2006:

Lawrence’s Warbler

A Yellow Throated Warbler made an appearance at the Shell Pier on October 28, 2006:

Yellow Throated Warbler

On August 31, 2006, Barry Cherriere added a new species to the Hamilton bird list by finding and photographing Hamilton’s newest bird, making it 386 on the list. It was also the first live one found in Ontario. It was the Manx Shearwater:

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Above images are © copyright and cannot be reproduced without the permission of Barry Cherriere.

Photos by Ken Newcombe

This bird was one of the rarest birds
ever found in the Hamilton area and it was found in the winter which was
highly unusual. It was found near Cayuga by Jeff Skevington on December 14th
2003 (over a year ago). The photo is from 1 Jan 2004!

Grey Flycatcher


A couple of fine photos of this amazing Owl from Ken Newcombe in the Dundas Valley on Jan 1, 2005.

Great Grey Owl

At 3:00 PM, January 6, 2005 this Bald Eagle flew over Valley Inn  headed North
towards LaSalle Park.

Bald Eagle

Images photographed by Ken Newcombe, who retains the copyright for them. (www.kennewcombe.com)