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Birding the HSA Articles

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IMPORTANT: When directions such as ‘go east’ or ‘go north’ etc. are given, they are as accurate as possible relative to the starting point and actual compass directions. At times this will be different from people’s perceptions of direction. For instance, the Queen Elizabeth Way runs Northeast / Southwest from Toronto to Burlington, then turns close to 90 degrees and travels almost due east/west toward Niagara Falls. A direction to ‘go east from the QEW’ in Burlington and ‘go north from the QEW’ in Stoney Creek will both take you to the shore of Lake Ontario.

Unfortunately, this area is no different from any other. Do not leave valuables in your car, or at the very least do not leave valuables in plain sight.

Hamilton Birding Area Boundaries:

The Hamilton Birding Area, a 40km circle centered on Dundurn Castle, includes all of Hamilton-Wentworth, the city of Burlington and most of the Regional Municipality of Halton on the north, part of Mississauga on the northeast, and parts of the Regional Municipalities of Haldimand-Norfolk (south), Niagara (east) and Kitchener-Waterloo (north-west), plus Brant County and the City of Brantford on the west and south-west.

The cities of Hamilton, Ancaster (west), Dundas (west) and Stoney Creek (east), as well as the Townships of Glanbrook (south) and Flamborough (north-west), form the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth. [Note: as of January 2000 the Provincial Goverment is forcing most of the above municipalities to amalgamate into one city. Signs will change and this summary will be updated as soon as possible.]

Birding Information & Hotline:

If an unusual bird turns up in the Hamilton area,it can be reported by phone to Cheryl Edgecombe at 905-637-5923 or by email (click on this link) to.

Anyone interested in learning about the location of interesting birds in the Hamilton area can keep informed about birding news by receiving a weekly e-mail message called the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club Birding Report if they join the hamiltonbirds googlegroup. This can be arranged at any meeting of the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club Bird Study Group or by contacting Peter Scholtens at peter.scholtens@arocha.ca.