Future Wetland Development in Stoney Creek

February 11, 2019: In this presentation, Scott Peck, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer/Director, Watershed Planning & Engineering with the Hamilton Conservation Authority talks about the acquisition of lands, environmental assessment process, and restoration work for the creation of natural wetland detention facilities and wetland enhancement to address downstream urban flooding and erosion issues within Battlefield and Stoney Creek.

Intertwined Generations: Me, Youth and You

January 14, 2019: As the Hamilton Naturalists? Club arrives at its 100th year of environmental stewardship, education and preservation, there is lots to celebrate! But there is also a lot at stake, and we need everyone involved, from every age group and background.

Enter the Junior Naturalists? Club and the Young Environmental Science (or YES) Alliance, two environmentally-driven, hands-on, mentor-based youth clubs geared to the continued connection to Mother Earth and guiding students striving for a post-secondary career in the environmental sciences.

The Roots that Grow Deep: Trees, Heritage & Conservation – Talk by Dr. David A. Galbraith, RBG

December 10, 2018: While we often think of cultural heritage and natural heritage as separate topics, they share something very important. They are all about the stories we can tell based on the environment around us.

Trees can be considered as essential components of both the natural and cultural heritage of an area. We?ll see what stories we can tell about trees in our area, combining the fields of natural and cultural heritage to seek a deeper understanding of the importance of nature in urban areas.

Fungi: The Fifth Kingdom

October 15, 2018: In this talk, Kriss Gandier explains the fascinating world of wild mushrooms and other edible wild foods. Find out about the best ways to learn and methods used to identify mushrooms, as well as information about mushroom preparation and preservation for culinary purposes.

Plants and Archaeology in Ontario: A 5,000 Years History of Plant Use – Talk by Rudy Fectau

September 10, 2018: In this talk, ethnobotanist Rudy Fectau presents his research on plant remains from sites in the Burlington, Hamilton and Brantford area. Plants can tell us the story behind local environmental conditions, the importance of agriculture, and the uses of various kinds of plant products. Both cultivated species (maize, bean, squash, sunflower, and tobacco) and a wide variety of native plants show the spread of plants through time and space, prehistoric technology, and the economic systems of local people.

Protecting Nature with the Land Trust Program – Talk by Jen Baker, HNC

The Hamilton Naturalists? Club (HNC) has been protecting and restoring natural spaces since 1919 in both urban and rural settings around Hamilton, Ontario. HNC recognizes the value of protecting and restoring nature in both small and large areas as well as the importance of being able to visit nature. HNC?s outdoor education program has shown the lack of a connection to nature which started the urban habitat creation projects and nature outings. HNC also remains busy with stewardship activities at the nature sanctuaries and with creating new nature sanctuaries.

The Birds of McMaster Forest – Talk by Rob Porter, HNC

Until 2014, an obscure corner of Dundas Valley called McMaster Forest was relatively unknown to the Hamilton birding community. Since then, Rob Porter and a few club volunteers have been surveying this publicly accessible university biology research site and observed and recorded over 150 species, including over 70 of which that are either potentially or confirmed breeding at the site. Rob will be presenting this data through charts, photos, stories about noteworthy observations, and about how one can easily manage their own bird study area project using tools like eBird and NestWatch. If you?ve ever wondered what might be hiding in under-explored corners of the Hamilton Study Area, you?ll be certain to enjoy this.