Tyler Schulz, Deputy Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, will provide an overview of Ontario?s Environmental Bill of Rights. He will also discuss topics from the recent annual reports, with an update of the government?s progress on environmental protection and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.?

The Environmental Commission of Ontario is a bridge between the public and the government on environmental issues.

Tyler Schulz is the Deputy Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. Tyler provides leadership and management oversight of the office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), and provides support and strategic advice to the Commissioner and staff on a variety of issues.

Tyler is passionate about educating, and helping Ontarians use, their public participation tools under the Environmental Bill of Rights. Previously, Tyler worked at the ECO as the Director of Operations, providing oversight, support and advice on issues concerning administration, customer service, public education and information technology. Before that, Tyler worked at the ECO as a Senior Policy & Decision Analyst, focusing on wildlife management, waste diversion and increasing Ontarians? awareness of their environmental rights.

Tyler completed a M.Sc. and Ph.D. at Dalhousie University, first studying seal evolution, and then sperm whale communication. During graduate school, Tyler realized his passion was to work in the civil service as an ?environmental ombudsman,? standing up for people?s rights and empowering them to achieve environmental protection.

More about the Environmental Bill of Rights is available?https://eco.on.ca/blog/the-environmental-bill-of-rights-your-environment-your-rights-is-now-available-in-cree-oji-cree-and-ojibwe/?