Air & Tree Walk

Gage Park 42 Lawrence Rd, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Join HNC and Environment Hamilton for a walk around Gage Park on October 28 to learn about trees and air quality. Participants will take a casual walk around the loop trail, stopping to admire some of the grand old trees along the way. Arborist Jeff Dickie will talk about the different tree species and their features. Gage Park is nestled up against […]

Alan Wormington Fall Bird Count (FBC)

Hamilton Study Area Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The Alan Wormington Fall Bird Count (FBC) has been an annual Hamilton Naturalists’ Club (HNC) event since 1974 and for many Hamilton area birders it is one of the highlights of the birding year. The count always occurs on the first Sunday in November and spans the entire Hamilton Study Area (HSA). Birders head to […]

‘East Coast Kitchen Party’ Celebrating HNC

Corktown Irish Pub 175 Young St, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Join us for an afternoon 'East Coast Kitchen Party' celebrating the Hamilton Naturalists' Club! We are delighted to welcome members of Dartmouth-based Indie-Folk band, The Public Service, to Hamilton for an afternoon of feet tapping, swaying, and, a sea shanty (or two). 2023 has been a big year for The Public Service, and we’re not […]


Beyond Squirrels: Urban Wildlife in Hamilton

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) 175 Longwood Rd S, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hamilton is home to many wild animals that have had to adapt to an ever-expanding human population.  Sarah Mombourquette, Animal Services Supervisor, will talk about the City of Hamilton Animal Services involvement with our local wildlife, including fascinating stories of interactions that they deal with every day, how we can learn to coexist and increase […]

November Plant Walk

McMaster Forest 1105 Lower Lions Club Rd, Hamilton, ON L9H 5E3, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Join Charlie Briggs and Noah Stegman for a walk through the McMaster Forest Nature Preserve. Attendees will learn about the ongoing efforts taking place at this ecologically significant property. Time will also be taken to review the many woody and herbaceous species that can be found in this biodiverse location. Parking is located on Lower […]

Bird Study Group: Fruit of the Loon

The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton 170 Dundurn St. S., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Fruit of the Loon with Mark Peck, Ornithology Technician from Royal Ontario Museum For the last 6 summers, Mark has been exploring the world of the Common Loon, one weekend at a time. Please join Mark as we delve into the fascinating world of the loon, exploring their life history, behaviours, and the role they play in the ecosystem. […]

Decembirding at Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park Hamilton Harbour Waterfront Trail, Hamilton, Ontario

As the season shifts more towards winter, birds seek various habitats to meet their daily needs. Join Jackson Hudecki on a jaunt around Bayfront park to spy waterfowl, gulls, raptors and overwintering passerines. Bring your own binoculars and dress for the weather, and let's see which species will choose the Hamilton Harbour for the day. […]

Evening Screech-Owl Outing

Parking Lot off Martin Road 43.220495, -80.009946

Join birder and HNC member Sheldon McGregor as we search out Eastern Screech-Owls. Dress warmly, bring binoculars if you have them as we sometimes get glimpses, a flashlight (optional), and perhaps something hot to drink at the end of the outing. Meet at the Martin Road upper parking lot (just beside baseball diamonds – DO […]

Turtles, Trees & the Other 99%

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) 175 Longwood Rd S, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Tune in for a talk on various challenges AND successes with local species-at-risk conservation work: The beginnings of our own small American Chestnut seed orchard (and the trouble with Eastern Redbud) Indulge your nature nerdiness: you only need to know the English alphabet to learn to read our turtle’s marginal scute notch codes. This program […]

December Plant Walk

RBG Rock Chapel Sanctuary 318 Rock Chapel Road, Dundas, Ontario

Join Charlie Briggs for an educational hike along the top of the Niagara Escarpment at the RBG's Rock Chapel Sanctuary. Time will be taken for attendees to learn the rich diversity of woody plant species that can be viewed from this level walking trail. Parking is pay on site or free for RBG members. Please […]

Bird Study Group: Owls of Ontario

The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton 170 Dundurn St. S., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Marcie Jacklin (she/her) has been an avid birder for over 30 years mostly in southern Ontario but has travelled to Borneo, Indonesia, Africa and South America several times. During her travels she has seen and/or heard over 59 species of owls (out of about 250 species in the world). This presentation will feature Owls of […]

103rd Hamilton Christmas Bird Count

Join in on this tradition going back to a pair of adventurous birders in 1921 and which has grown into an annual outing with over a hundred participants scouring Hamilton for every bird that can be found and identified. Click here to see the map* of the coverage area:  Map for Hamilton Bird Count (ONHA) […]