Monthly Meeting: Naturalizing Yards

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) 175 Longwood Rd S, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Naturalizing Yards for Biodiversity, Climate Change Adaption and Community In recent years, there is growing recognition of the importance of habitat stewardship on private land, particularly in urban areas where vegetated cover is lacking. Yet, there are also longstanding traditions for landscaping that may pose conflicts with efforts to naturalize: the beloved colonial turfgrass lawn, […]

Trivia, Talks & Toasts

Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. 65 Hatt Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Nature at McMaster and the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System are hosting a Neighbourhood Stewardship: Trivia, Talks & Toasts night! Discover how you can play a part in preserving the natural splendor of the region. Food provided, local craft beer available for purchase. Connect with local organizations and community members, learn about opportunities to protect […]

Branching Out: How to Grow Your Local Nature Network

CoWork at the Cotton Factory 301-270 Sherman Ave N, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Listen to Rachel and Jackson speak about networking for nature at this CoWork at the Cotton Factory fireside chat. "As President and Vice President of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club Board of Directors, Rachel and Jackson will offer valuable insights into mobilizing communities to safeguard biodiversity in urban environments. From sharing anecdotes of their journey to […]

Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System Nature Café

Copper Kettle Café 312 Dundas St E #4, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Are you interested in making your neighborhood more nature friendly? The Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System invites you to an informative (and fun) evening with your neighbors and fellow nature enthusiasts! Join EcoPark System partner agency staff and experts on road ecology and local biodiversity as they share insights on how your backyard or balcony […]