Common Loons © Mike MacLeod

2007 Christmas Bird Count Report

Count Day: December 26, 2007 On a cool – 4 degrees C, relatively calm but foggy morning, 88 participants set out to count birds in the field, at the lake, or at their birdfeeders. The temperature settled in for most of the day – 2 degrees C. There was hoar frost on the pines and the tall weeds, and it was tricky underfoot on some of the woodland trails. In parts of the outlying areas, it was too foggy to see birds in flight. At the lake, counters had difficulty determining the numbers of ducks, as they were scattered over the lake, with many too far out to be counted and identified. The total of birds counted was 64,054 which is below the last ten year average of 70,228. Thanks to the influx of some of the northern finches, we broke the old individual species count record of 102 set in 2004 by one, so the new individual count record now stands at 103. It is obvious that many of the common woodland and garden species are becoming even more common, with new record counts for the following species: New record count table goes here. The number of Hoary Redpolls counted this year ( 5 ) broke the old record of ( 1 ) set in 1993. On the lake and inland waters we broke count records for the following: Lake and inland waters table goes here. There were low counts for the following species: American Crow, Horned Lark, Snow Bunting, Brown-headed Cowbird, Purple Finch, Ring-billed Gull, Herring Gull, Northern Pintail, Greater Scaup, Canvasback, and Redhead. We missed on the Wood Duck, and American Wigeon. Evening Grosbeak was reported as the only count week species. The count statistics are as follows: Counters in the field – 77 Feeder watchers – 10 Owling Parties – 5 Total participants – 86 Number of hours feeder watching -53 Number of hours owling- 6.5 Number of hours walking – 154.75 Number of hours of daytime driving – 59.35 Total party hours – 273.6 Distance driven – 1048.2 Distance walked owling -1.5 km Distance walked daytime -196 km Total party distance -1279.7 km The xmas count table goes here. Birds seen in count week but not on December 26th: Evening Grosbeak 2007 Participants: James Anderson, Jacob Bruxer, Barrie Boatman, Mary Booker, Peter Booker, Mike Boyd, Hazel Broker, Fran Bullock, Wayne Bullock, Albert Butwick, Evelyn Butwick, Lorenzo Campanelli, Ann Campanelli, Geovanni Campanelli, Ezra Campanelli, Sue Carson, Melanie Cave, Jerry Chapple, Nina Chapple, Stephen Cheesman, Sandy Clay, Michael Clark, Mark Cranford, Tim Cranford, Bill Crins, Tom Crooks, Bob Curry, Martin Daly, Jeni Darling, Sandy Darling, Ewout Degelder, Edward Dinniwell, Rob Dobos, Dave Don, Dave Donn, Jim Dowall, Brian Drown, Cheryl Edgecombe, Kathy Evans, Lois Evans, Russ Evans, Christian Friis, Denys Gardiner, Helga Gerhardt, Jeff Gilbreath, Bob Healy, Bill Hudson, Kyna Intini, Mark Jennings, Jean Johnson, Ian Jolliffe, Tim King, Bill Lamond, Joyce Lister, Julie Liptuk, Rick Ludkin, Stuart Mackenzie, Kevin McLaughlin, Don McLean, Gord McNulty, John Millman, Brian Mishell, Dolores Mishell, Frank Morley, George Naylor, John Olmsted, Bill Read, David Restivo, Orv Reynolds, Michael Rowlands, Peter Scholtens, Caleb Scholtens, Alfred Senior, Glenda Slessor, Hobbe Smit, Bill Smith, Bob Stamp, Mike Street, Neil Taylor, Tom Thomas, Herman VanBarneveld, Rob Waldhuber, Katie West, Angie Williams, Ken Williams, Ross Wood, Brian Wylie, Dan Wylie. Compiler: Tom Thomas