Trees Please is hosting a Free Tree Give Away for 2020 because we love trees! Trees are available for residents of the Homeside neighbourhood, which bounded by Kenilworth Avenue North to the west, Strathearne Avenue to the east, the railroad to the north, and Main Street East to the south.

Did you know that planting a tree helps mitigate urban heat island effects? Trees around our homes provide myriad benefits to the city, our neighbourhoods, and to our health and well-being. They filter pollutants from our air, keep us cool in the summer, reduce pressure on our storm-water management systems, make urban residents healthier, and enhance biodiversity in our city.

Registration is now open for Homeside residents. View the list of available trees and shrubs below and then fill out the form to reserve your tree by October 5. Trees will be delivered to your door in mid-October.

Here is our list of trees:
Having trouble viewing the list?  Click here for the PDF

You will be responsible for planting your tree. Before you plant, please Call Before You Dig 

Please take your time and read the form carefully. It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Fill out the form here to reserve your tree.

Questions?  Email Juby / Carolyn at or call 905-549-0900

This giveaway is generously supported by Clean Air Hamilton.