As the Hamilton Naturalists? Club arrives at its 100th year of environmental stewardship, education and preservation, there is lots to celebrate! But there is also a lot at stake, and we need everyone involved, from every age group and background.

Enter the Junior Naturalists? Club and the Young Environmental Science (or YES) Alliance, two environmentally-driven, hands-on, mentor-based youth clubs geared to the continued connection to Mother Earth and guiding students striving for a post-secondary career in the environmental sciences.

Hear about what we are up to, how others in the community are stepping up, what you can do and even share with us your own efforts! After all, we are in this together.

In his 10th year of Environmental Education, Jackson Hudecki has been building a foundation to support anyone curious about connecting to the natural wonders of these local woods. Aside from facilitating the youth clubs, bird clubs, beer festivals and obstacle courses out of Royal Botanical Gardens, Jackson is the Director at Large for the Hamilton Naturalists? Club, a community conduit, a proud Hamiltonian, and always ready to gab.