Anita Dutka-Buchin Nature Sanctuary


The Anita Dutka-Buchin Nature Sanctuary, permanently protects six hectares of picturesque woodland trail and creek valley. The trail follows an unopened road allowance from the North Service Road to Old Waterdown Road and lies on the eastern boundary of HNC’s property. Part of Sassafras Woods Environmentally Significant Area, this sanctuary consists of a secondary growth deciduous forest, with a few mature trees. The tree diversity is high, and a creek lies at the bottom of the ravine flowing through the property. This was the HNC’s first nature sanctuary in Burlington and also makes the Club a full landowner in the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System.



Thanks to generous contributions from Barney and Helene Dutka, HNC was able to acquire this property in 2016. Over several years, the Dutkas made donations of securities into the HNC’s Wildlands Acquisition Fund with the intent of helping the Club purchase the new nature sanctuary in Burlington which is named after Barney’s mother.