Hayesland Swamp Nature Sanctuary


This 21 hectare sanctuary is part of the Hayesland Swamp Provincially Significant Wetland, located north of Concession 6 W, and west of Highway 6. The Environmentally Significant Area consists of a large, 1183 ha, crescent shaped forested wetland straddling the Grindstone and Spencer Creek watershed boundary.



Funding for the purchase was thanks to the generosity of HNC members who donated to the Wildlife Acquisition Fund, and especially members Helene and Barney Dutka who established the Anita Dutka-Buchin Memorial Trust Fund. The former landowners also generously donated part of the purchase price.


Ecology and Highlights

The sanctuary is a forested swamp with scattered patches of open marsh. HNC has conducted some acoustic biomonitoring at the nature sanctuary to better understand the diversity of species present, including Rusty Blackbirds and Barred Owls. As it is mostly inaccessible, it will remain a true sanctuary for nature.