Spooky Hollow Nature Sanctuary


Lying south of Simcoe within the Norfolk Sand Plain, the Spooky Hollow Nature Sanctuary consists of forested hills and valleys Fisher’s Creek, a clear, sandy bottomed cold water stream flows through the sanctuary. The southern upland areas feature magnificent mature Carolinian hardwood forests. The northern part of the sanctuary is a white pine plantation with pockets of oak savanna, a rare vegetation community.



When HNC members visited what was to become the Spooky Hollow Nature Sanctuary in May 1961 they were so impressed by this magnificent tract of Carolinian forest that HNC director Marion Shivas sprang into action that very day. She learned that the owner had recently died and Marion went directly to the executors of the estate and negotiated an agreement in principal to purchase the 95 acres. The deal was completed within two months. In 1993 with funding support from the Ontario Heritage Foundation (now the Ontario Heritage Trust) the HNC acquired a further 70 acres located on the northwest side of the original property.


Ecology and Highlights

The Spooky Hollow Nature Sanctuary is a core area near the centre of a large significant natural area. It has been designated as a provincially significant Life Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (Spooky Hollow ANSI) in recognition of the diversity and quality of the habitat provided by the river valleys and sand plain uplands as well as the many rare and unusual species present American Chestnut, an endangered species, as well as over a dozen provincially rare plants are found within the sanctuary. Rare birds such as the Hooded Warbler and Acadian Flycatcher and animals such as the Badger have also been sighted.