Vinemount Meadows Nature Sanctuary


Located in an important area for breeding birds on Stoney Creek Mountain, the Vinemount Meadows Sanctuary protects valuable grassland habitat north of the Vinemount Quarry and south of the Niagara Escarpment.



After observing flooding in the former swamp area between 8th and 10th Road East, HNC began contacting landowners to discuss future plans for their lands. In 2015, HNC signed a 24 year lease on the Vinemount Meadows Sanctuary with Waterford Sand and Gravel, who operate the adjacent quarry. The lease is at a nominal annual value, and Waterford donated services and materials to assist with habitat improvements. HNC is pleased to be able to manage and protect this 65 acres for nature.


Ecology and Highlights

This farmland and surrounding meadow habitats were all originally part of the Vinemount Swamp Forest. Habitat for grassland species like Eastern Meadowlark, Bobolinks, Northern Harriers, and great wintering habitat for Short-eared Owls. Rare nesting birds in this area include Upland Sandpiper, Peregrine Falcon, and Common Raven. Meadow habitat like this also supports many butterflies and other insects, as well as a diverse plant life.

The Cameron family recognizes the significant habitat in the area and the rare and threatened bird species that breed here and they are very pleased to start this new relationship with a prominent naturalist club in southern Ontario.

– Bill Kester of Waterford