Rock Chapel Sanctuary © Brittany Killingbeck

G.O. (Get Outside) Explore Nature Education Program

Teaching students about the importance of Hamilton’s natural history including its natural areas, habitats, pollinators, and trees.

The Hamilton Naturalists’ Club’s G.O. (Get Outside) Explore Nature Education program fosters an interest in nature conservation in our future land stewards. 

The innovative program is curriculum-based and delivers interactive programs in classrooms, and leads school field trips to the nature sanctuaries. At the nature sanctuaries students learn about the natural world while actively participating in stewardship activities. We have been fortunate to bring over 2,000 from Hamilton’s downtown core on nature outings, many for their first time.

The program is delivered through a series of interactive sessions and includes a nature outing to the HNC’s Sheelah Dunn Dooley Nature Sanctuary located in Aldershot. The sessions include:

  • Interactive classroom presentation: This curriculum-linked session teaches students about topics that relate to key HNC activities such as local habitats and wildlife, pollinators, or trees.
  • Nature Outing to HNC’s Sheelah Dunn Dooley Nature Sanctuary: Nature outing activities include: pond study, learning to use binoculars, tree inventory, invasive species management, and having fun.

If you have any questions about the G.O. Explore Nature Education Program, please contact the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club