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Atlas of the Mammals of Hamilton


by Kara Vlasman

Introduction by Bruce Duncan

The Atlas of the Mammals of Hamilton by Kara Vlasman has been prepared using information from archaelogical, historical and more recent sources. It includes a map and species account for all of the mammals, including extirpated species, that are known from the City of Hamilton. Each map page includes a photo of each species and is in full colour. The text concentrates on the historical changes, if any, of each species’ occurrence and gives a quick summary of its distinguishing characteristics and behaviour.

There are 45 species of mammals in Hamilton today and eight others that are considered extirpated. Most of the species we have today are considered common (33 of the 45) but a number are rare and some have not been recorded for many years. One extinct species, the mastodon, is also dealt with. There are introductory sections about the Hamilton area, its changing landscape, and previous studies of mammals up to the Nature Counts project in 2002.

This Atlas is a fine addition to the knowledge of Hamilton’s fauna. It also points to the Club’s continuing ability to provide well-researched information about the natural history of our area. We had excellent support in this project from the Hamilton Conservation Authority, the McCallum-McBride Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation and TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation. We are grateful to them all.

Table of Contents – Mammal Atlas?(pdf file)

Sample Text – Mammal Atlas?(pdf file)

Sample Page – Mammal Atlas?(pdf file)