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Checklist of the Birds of Hamilton-Wentworth

Checklists are $2 each / $10 for 6 / $20 for 15, plus shipping. To order a checklist, please email Bill Lamond. Download a free PDF version of the checklist here.

The 2019 checklist comprises the 398 species of birds that have occurred within a 40.2 km (25 mile) radius of Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, Ontario (referred to as the Hamilton Study Area) as of December 31, 2018. Classification, nomenclature and species order follow the American Ornithological Society Check-list of North American Birds (7th Edition 1998) and its 42nd ? 59th Supplements.

The 2019 checklist, a publication of the Hamilton Naturalists? Club, was prepared by Robert Curry.

Cover photo (of American Avocets) and design by Michel Veltri.

Please send rare bird reports to:
Hamilton Bird Records Committee
Hamilton Naturalists? Club
Westdale, PO Box 89052, Hamilton ON L8S 4R5
or email info@hamiltonnature.org

Certain other sightings, such as date rarities, should also be documented. Please refer to the Documentation Guide to the Birds of the Hamilton Area for more information on documentation requirements for each species on this checklist.

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