Hamilton Study Area (HSA)

The Hamilton Naturalists’ Club considers a 25-mile (40.2336 km) circle centred upon Dundurn Castle to be its official area of study.

Official species records that the club keeps are to be within this zone.

A very detailed version of the HSA circle can be browsed on the iNaturalist page that is dedicated to observations recorded within the circle. To explore the circle, click the box symbol in the map to see a full screen map where you can zoom in and browse the HSA.

Note: The Club owns two nature sanctuaries outside of the study circle (Spooky Hollow and Short Hills) and these are not considered part of the HSA.

Detailed Specifications

GPS Coordinates

The center-point of the HSA in terms of GPS is as follows:


Latitude: 43.269401
Longitude: -79.884230

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS)

Latitude: N 43′ 16′ 9.84″
Longitude: W 79′ 53′ 3.23″


Imperial: 25 miles
Metric: 40.2336 kilometres