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Songscapes Podcast

You can find our podcast at this link, or search for “songscapes” in your favourite podcast app or network.


If you’re visiting this page you’ve likely given our podcast from the Hamilton Bioacoustic Research Project a try.

We’re very open to feedback with this new endeavour. If you have questions, comments, feedback, please email Rob Porter <rob@inpictures.ca>.


Is the audio one continuous recording?

Most of the soundscapes have had some cutting in places. We do some very minor editing to remove overly noisy things (including cars, trains, planes, dogs, other human things), and clip together parts that make sense. Hopefully it sounds seamless and you haven’t noticed!

Once and a while though we do get one that we just don’t want to cut, even if there’s some sounds we’d prefer not to be hearing in the background.

I still hear some cars/planes/trains. Can you remove all human-caused sounds?

This might be possible at some point in the future to have some special episodes that do this. This takes a lot of work though. Right now we’re doing very minimal work as an easy way to promote our project and share our recordings. The reality is though, no matter how remote our recorders go, we’re always going to hear airplanes!

Is any engineering of the audio frequencies done?

Some minor engineering has been done to soften the static in the upper frequencies, and we usually remove the sub-100 Hz buzzing that is almost always distant highways, trains, and airplanes. Often it depends on the original recording.

What do you use to record your audio?

We have used:

  • two ruggedized Cornell Swift recording devices (learn more at: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/brp/swift/) – except where specified, our episodes come from recordings done by these devices
  • the “Catbird Zero”, a modified Raspberry Pi Zero with an Edutige ETM-001 microphone
  • iPhone 6S with Edutige ETM-001 microphone