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For 100 years the Hamilton Naturalists? Club has been appreciating, studying and conserving the wild plants and animals of Hamilton.


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Current Opportunities


Advisory Team Member for Pollinator Paradise Initiative

Location: Various pollinator patch locations in Hamilton

Reporting to: Land Trust Manager

Time Commitment: 2 to 3 in-person sessions per year, available periodically electronically

Responsibility Overview: Provide advice on the site design, species selection and long-term maintenance of the pollinator habitats HNC is creating across the city of Hamilton.


  • HNC membership NOT required
  • Strong background and knowledge in one (or more) of:
    • Entomology, specifically native and introduced pollinators
    • Botany, particularly forage species for pollinators
    • Horticulture, with a focus on garden design and care
  • Ability to provide advice and direction on pollinator patch construction and maintenance
  • Comfort speaking and working on an advisory panel
  • Ability to aid in plant selection and garden design
  • Knowledge to facilitate long-term care requirements for site(s)
  • Knowledge of conservation science and principles
  • Familiarity with ecological principles and pressures on pollinators

To Apply: Contact Mike MacLeod at mikemacleod24@gmail.com


Amaolo Nature Sanctuary: Trail Improvement

We are improving the trail at the Amaolo Nature Sanctuary to make it better for the GO Explore outdoor education program. We will be clearing the trail of vegetation (with a backhoe), then putting down landscape fabric and a thick layer of mulch. We will provide snacks and water.

To Apply: Contact Jen at??land@hamiltonnature.org?or 905-524-3339


Amaolo Nature Sanctuary: Tree Planting

We will be planting 150-200 trees and shrubs in a fallow field to enhance biodiversity. We have gloves and some shovels (though please bring shovels, if you are able). We will provide snacks and water.

To Apply: Contact Jen at?land@hamiltonnature.org?or 905-524-3339