In the urban environment trees and fungi are inseparable. Oftentimes, we only tend to see the forest for the trees, instead of the fungi. The purpose of this webinar is to begin seeing the realities of the urban forest – that it isn’t just trees. The role fungi play in keeping trees alive, and on the other hand shortening their life, is not only critical to the urban forest, but the natural one as well. As naturalists, seeing these connections can bring the environment to life, and translate what is going on below ground and within the canopy. This one hour webinar will cover ID skills for decay fungi, ecology of mycorrhizal fungi, and the complexities of the urban forest.

Kyle McLoughlin has delivered numerous workshops and lectures on plant pathology and the relationship between trees and fungus. He is the City of Burlington’s Supervisor of Forest Planning and Health and owner and principle arborist of Ironwood Arboricultural Solutions. He has practiced arboriculture in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Before becoming an arborist, Kyle was a wilderness guide specializing in edible wilds. Learn more about Kyle on his website: